Privacy Policy

   We do not sell or share or customer lists to 3rd parties. We do not display customer's images on our web site or at trade shows without their permission.


  All prices are in US$ and Subject to Change Without Prior Notice

Copyright Information and Agreement

All orders require the buyer's acknowledgement and agreement to our Copyright Agreement. US Copyright Laws (Title 17) and international law protects intellectual property. This includes photos and artwork in any format either in print or electronically. Included are wedding and other photographs taken by hired professional photographers even though they were paid for taking the photographs and making prints. These photographer own the rights to the original photographs and the right to sell reproductions of their work.

Pictures can not be reproduced from newspapers, magazines, books or web sites. There are also restrictions about reproducing legal documents, certificates and currency.

There is a fair use doctrine, which may allow the use of images in compilations such as collages. Images which are in the public domain, meaning the original copyright protection and any extensions has expired, can be used by anyone legally. If there are copyright concerns, Poster Jet Studio will contact and discuss these with you. Owners of copyrighted materials may grant you permission depending on the circumstances and ask that a credit and copyright notice be printed on the reproduction. Or they may sell or license you the one time or unlimited use of the works for a specific type of purpose for a specific period of time. This needs to be negotiated by you and the owner of the copyrighted material. We do not want either you or us to be liable for breaching civil or criminal laws relating to copyright protection of images you ask us to reproduce. Here is a link to the US Copyright office which you may find helpful to you.

For most jobs, please select "I AGREE" in the shopping cart or on our Off-Line order form if you are mailing in your order. Otherwise we will email you a copyright permission/release form to to have the rightful copyright owner grant permission for PosterJet Studio to reproduce their image. Please print out and return the form with your order, original image, and payment. The form may be faxed to 215-886-9362.

( ) I am the photographer or artist who created this image and retain all copyrights to it and hereby grant permission to PosterJet Studio to receive and print said image per my instructions.

( ) I am not the artist or photographer who created this image, but have the rights either through purchase, license or written permission to reproduce this image and hereby grant permission to PosterJet Studio to receive and print said image per my instructions.

( ) I am not the artist or photographer who created this image, but the image is in the public domain and is not covered by the copyright laws of the US.

I hereby indemnify PosterJet Studio against any legal action taken by the rightful owner of the copyright of the photo or artwork I have supplied to PosterJet for reproduction.

You must agree to the above before we can process your order and make your reproduction. By selecting "I AGREE" in the Policy/Copyright Option on the shopping cart or the off-line order form are agreeing to the terms of this policy.

Sales Tax. We are required to charge 6% sales tax for orders from Pennsylvania customers.